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Biomed AI Lab focuses on the cross research of artificial intelligence and biomedicine. The team members come from different disciplines such as computer, mathematics, biology and physics. Based on multimodal biomedical big data, the laboratory develops and applies artificial intelligence algorithm theory and technology for health risk prediction, intelligent diagnosis, treatment and intervention, prognosis evaluation, etc. In recent years, focusing on the characteristics of biomedical big data, a series of artificial intelligence algorithms have been developed, which have been successfully applied to brain-gut axis, brain development, brain diseases and other scenes. Relevant work has been published in Nature, Science, Cell, Cell Metabolism, IEEE TPAMI, Molecular Psychology, Nature Communications and other journals. And has won the first prize of Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Natural Science Award and the second prize of Natural Science of the Ministry of Education. The group has undertaken National Key Research and Development Plan Projects, key and general projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China, and sub projects of Major Science and Technology Projects in Shanghai,etc.

Biomedical artificial intelligence laboratory is a united and progressive scientific research team. Interested candidates can send their resumes to Professor Xing-Ming Zhao. Look forward to your joining!

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