FPPI is a database about protein-protein interactions for Fussarium graminearum, which contain 223,116 interactions among 7,406 proteins and 27,102 interactions among 3,745 proteins in the core PPI set. Furthermore, this database contains various different functional information for F. graminearum genes. User can query different information by clicking different buttons. For example, by clicking 'Gene information' button, one can query information about each gene, such as gene sequence, upstream 1000 nt sequence, and so on. The similar for other buttons. No results will be returned if there are corresponding information for queried gene.




Input Example:FGSG_00007
Reference:Zhao X M, Zhang X W, Tang W H, et al. FPPI: Fusarium graminearum Protein-Protein Interaction Database[J]. Journal of proteome research, 2009, 8(10): 4714-4721.



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